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There are multiple career pathways out there and you just need to find the right one for YOU!!!....

....MY CAREER ADVISOR... is an online career education resource which can be placed on your school website and is accessible 24/7 by all members of your school community.

....MY CAREER ADVISOR provides a 3 phase 'Step by Step Career Pathways' tab which families can work through together.

....MY CAREER ADVISOR directs students and parents to various websites.

.... MY CAREER ADVISOR  provides direct links to tertiary providers Australia wide.

.... MY CAREER ADVISOR gives information on how to choose school subjects; how to find work experience; a part time job or an apprenticeship and much more.....

....MY CAREER ADVISOR centralizes all of the career information in the one place.

....MY CAREER ADVISOR helps you begin your career  journey or assists you to help others...






PARENT   -      "I just wanted to let you know, from a parent whose child has no idea what career she would like to follow and me feeling lost and overwhelmed with the whole work experience and career path options, that with your guidance I now feel I can help guide my daughter through this stage in her life.

I have just spent some time looking through the “My Career Advisor” site and it is absolutely fantastic.  I felt lost and not sure of what type of help I needed for my daughter but this site has released a lot of that worry from me.  I have been able to sit down with a cup of tea and just read.  It has taken me through each step and I must say now I feel empowered that I can help her.  I wanted to let you know from a parents point of view this site is absolutely fantastic for a first time parent experiencing all these new challenges.

Thank you, I am ever so pleased I took the time to navigate the site.  My Career Advisor is a great site!!"