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MY CAREER ADVISOR - Jane Foxe -  offers online and face to face careers counselling to people of all ages.


* Online careers suitability assessments (Harrisons Career Assessments) *


* Consultations available:  In person, or via Zoom or FaceTime.  We can Zoom or Face Time in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you... *


* We also specialise in assisting NDIS (Self or Plan Managed) clients who may need help finding, keeping a job or undertaking a Careers Assessment.


Services available..


PACKAGE - 1 Hour Initial Careers Counselling Interview    PLUS        Career Aptitude Assessment + 1 Hour debrief  -  $280


** Career Aptitude Assessment + 1 hour debrief --  $180

** Careers Counselling Interview (1 hour)  - $100

** QTAC application assistance - (30 minutes) - $50

** Life Coaching - Intitial Assessment - General goal setting - (1 hour) - $100

** Life Coaching check in sessions - (30 minutes) - $50



LET US HELP YOU -- "Find YOUR Pathway, Climb YOUR Mountain".


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We also offer Schools a yearly subscription to our Careers information site where students, staff and parents in your school community can access Careers information in the comfort of their own home. (Individuals are also welcome to contact us for annual family subscriptions to the information website)..